Sorry I stopped writing

Thank you to all the people I have met while writing this blog. The RV community has been great. I just was too busy to write. I don't know if my heart was in it. Writing was more of an experiment for me. I saw an article a few months ago that a blogger wrote wondering what happened to us and I thought Read more
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Craigslist by State

Craigslist    by State Search Craigslist by State & All of Craigslist the Easy Way! Scroll down to the custom Craigslist search box for your state or the all of Craigslist search box (States are listed in alphabetical order.) Enter your search, and go! Simple Huh? Don't forget to Bookmark Read more
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Shore Snorkeling the Florida Panhandle

The best places to snorkel in the Florida panhandle are at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, FL and at Destin Inlet Jetty in Destin, FL. Sure, there are other places to snorkel but I have not seen nearly the same amount of life at any of them. Snorkeling St. Andrews  St. Andrews state Read more
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Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Not many things in this world make me smile as much as baby sea turtles. The best place in Florida to see baby sea turtles and full size sea turtles is at the Loggerhead Marine Life (LMC) center in Juno Beach, FL. Where they rescue and rehabilitate injured loggerhead, leather-back Read more
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My No Scalpel Vasectomy!

No Scalpel! No Needle! Vasectomy, read the billboard. How is that even possible, I wondered. Do they make you watch a season of 18 kids and counting? Sounds easy to me. I called the number on the billboard. If I knew, in a few short days, that call would lead to my testicles exploding. I would have broken Read more
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Free things to do in Charleston, SC

There are many free things to do, interesting events and attractions in Charleston - Americas Friendliest City. Our family love's this city. So we made this list of the best free things to do in Charleston to help others have as much fun as we did there. We hope you and enjoy our list of free attractions Read more
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Everglades National Park

When we decided to spend a few days in the Everglades. I was thinking to myself “who would want to go see a swamp?” I soon found out that everything I assumed about the Everglades was wrong. Everglades National Park really is an amazing place. The Everglades are many things but, what they are not, Read more
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Alligator Alley Break Down

I do not believe in coincidence, I believe that that most things happen for a reason. I believe challenges and hardships make you stronger and when annoying things happen I try find some kind of purpose for them. I scheduled a last minute doctors appointment on the other side of Florida. To make it Read more
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First Crocodile Encounter

We had our first crocodile encounter this week. We were just leaving Homestead Bayfront Park from a busy day cooking out and picking coconuts when we spotted a big crocodile sun tanning on the side of the road. He had his mouth open and was showing off all his teeth. I rushed to get my camera Read more
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Snorkeling with Manatees in Crystal River!

One of our most amazing experiences we've had so far, was to swim with Manatees in Crystal River Florida. Manatees are one of the most gentle creatures you will ever encounter. Looking into there eyes is truly a life changing experience. Your heart will melt when you see a 2500 pound momma manatee snuggling Read more
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